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Attachments - Custom Lapel Pins

We offer a variety of different attachment types to meet your needs. We offer a butterfly or rubber clutch free with every order, and upgrade attachments for our custom lapel pins are very affordable. If you've seen a different type of attachment that you don't see listed here, please Contact Us and chances are we have exactly what you're looking for.

Our Most Popular Lapel Pin Attachments:
Attachments for Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins - Attachment Descriptions

Butterfly/Military Clutch - This is the most common type of attachment used on lapel pins. This attachment is available in brass or nickel plating, and clips onto the post on the back of your lapel pins. Called the butterfly clutch because it features "wings" that are squeezed together to release the attachment.

Rubber Clutch - This is a popular attachment that is made of hard rubber. This attachment secures your lapel pins by being pierced onto the post on the back of your lapel pins. The rubber clutch is considered a temporary attachment, and is usually not suitable for repeated, long term use.

Magnetic Attachment - A magnetic attachment is useful when puncturing a garment is not allowable. The magnetic attachment uses a strong magnetic force to engage the connection between your lapel pins, and a removable magnetic disc that goes behind your garment, securing your lapel pins. This is a popular upgrade for uses in offices and corporate environments where individuals prefer not to pierce their clothing with a traditional tack-style post.

Jewelery Clutch - The jewelry clutch is a locking upgrade attachment that locks against the post on your lapel pins, which makes it a more permanent, long-term attachment. The jewelry clutch is the same attachment used on a tie-tack, except it does not feature the chain or bar to secure a tie.

Deluxe Locking Clutch - Our Deluxe Locking Clutch is the most popular upgrade attachment we offer. It is a great alternative to the butterfly or rubber clutch. This attachment offers a locking feature that clamps it securely against the post of your lapel pins.

Safety Pin - The safety pin attachment offers traditional fastening that is similar to the safety pin attachments used on campaign buttons. The benefit of using a safety pin attachment is that your lapel pins will not spin or turn as typical with most other types of attachments featuring a post.

Screw/Threaded Back - A threaded screw-back offers a threaded post similar to a screw. A spindle nut is spun to secure the lapel pins in place. This attachment is a great permanent fastening option for when your lapel pins are being secured to a semi-permanent fixture.

Key Chain - We offer a key chain attachment that instantly turns your lapel pins into a custom key chain. We offer key chains in gold and nickel plating.

Cuff Links - Cufflink attachments turn your lapel pin design into cufflinks that are sure to add class to your attire. Custom cufflinks are also a great way to award employees.

Tie Tac with Chain - A tie tac is very similar to a jewelry clutch, commonly used alone for lapel pins. A jewelry clutch is fixed with a chain and bar which is placed through a button hole to securely fasten a neck tie to the shirt to keep the tie from separating from the garment. The pin is pierced through the tie, and attached using the jewelry clutch.

Have questions about our custom lapel pins, or need a price quote? We're available to answer all of your questions. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-870-4952 or via email at

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